HWP Law firm

The Cavallaro Duchi Lombardo Cosmo Law firm, specialized in pharmaceutical and health law, and the PF Legal Law firm, specialized in public and private health, family and asset protection law, have decided to combine their respective skills in HWP - Health Wealth Pharma - Franco Lombardo Cosmo Law Firm, in order to expand and strengthen the assistance offered to their customers in an increasingly multidisciplinary perspective, with particular attention to legal issues related to new technologies.



PF Legal

As a lawyer  Paolo Franco (owner of the PF Legal Law firm) has always dealt with civil law. His university education and the long experience gained as a lecturer for the chair of private law at the University of Milan have favored a holistic approach to law. His work did the rest, with a specialization that basically developed along four lines. The first, relating to people, their problems concerning family and inheritance; the second, relating to companies, not only for assistance in specific legal issues, but rather for support in reorganization and restructuring processes; the third, in the health sector, both public and private, where the relationship between people and institutions is synthesized; the last, almost a common denominator of the former, in the asset sector, with the protection of assets, especially in the real estate sector.


Cavallaro Duchi Lombardo Cosmo

As lawyers,  Quintino Lombardo and Silvia Stefania Cosmo have always practiced civil and administrative law, with the common thread of pharmaceutical and health law. They represent a point of reference for pharmacists, for the players in the pharmaceutical field, including medical devices and health products, as well as for doctors and other health professionals, companies and entities in the sector, all called on to operate in an increasingly complicated context, also from the point of view of legal issues and problems to be addressed.


HWP - Health Wealth Pharma - Franco Lombardo Cosmo Studio Legale, a team of lawyers with consolidated experience and particular vocation in the field of health, pharmaceutical, corporate and real estate law, was born from the sharing of the same values ​​and objectives - attention to individuals and companies, sustainable development and good innovation in the common pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

Health Wealth Pharma