Since 1988, thanks to the intuition of the lawyers Francesco Cavallaro and Claudio Duchi, we have been working for professionals and companies in the pharmaceutical and health / health products supply chain.

We work alongside pharmacies and pharmacists, intermediate distributors, custodians and dealers and the pharmaceutical industries.

We have always dealt with issues relating to the production, distribution, presentation, advertising and retail sale of medicines, medical devices and parapharmaceutical products (natural, cosmetics, supplements and foods for special diets, herbal).

Lastly, we have assisted pharmacists and pharmacy owners from all over Italy in the most varied events connected to the radical reforms that have profoundly innovated the sector: ownership of pharmacies by partnerships and corporations, the creation of networks and groupings of pharmacies, liberalization of opening hours and discounts on medicines prices, limitation of the monopoly of pharmacies to ethical medicines only, new demographic and additional parameters for the establishment of pharmaceutical offices, assignment of offices by means of an extraordinary regional competition for titles only, activities online pharmacy and parapharmacy.

In short, full assistance has been guaranteed to the players in the pharmaceutical sector and other health products, from both the organizational structures of private law, commercial law and public law, and for what concerns the activity of production, presentation, advertising and wholesale and retail sale of products, including civil, administrative, ethical and criminal liability issues.

Here are some examples of the most recent areas of intervention of our Law firm:

  • pharmacy allocation, transfers and decentralization of pharmacies,
  • pharmaceutical dispensaries and branch pharmacies,
  • competitions for pharmaceutical offices,
  • wholesale distribution,
  • municipal pharmacies (disposal, management models, public-private partnerships),
  • ordinary and extraordinary pharmaceutical inspections,
  • deontological responsibility of the pharmacist and disciplinary procedure,
  • criminal proceedings with specific regard to crimes typical of the sector,
  • professional requirements and incompatibility to participate in pharmacy companies,
  • partnerships and corporations having as their object the operation of the pharmacy,
  • network contracts between companies,
  • production contracts for third parties and exclusive distribution,
  • communication, promotion and sale, including online, of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products,
  • activities of the service pharmacy,
  • online pharmacy activities,
  • compliance with Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and privacy protection.
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