We began our adventure in the health world about 20 years ago. We had the pleasure of being consultants to the Ministry of Health for a Technical Minister. Since then,  we have never stopped dealing with health as independent professionals. Our greatest satisfaction is to have worked with administrations of different backgrounds and political cultures, because we have been chosen exclusively for our skills. Our aim is to render a service that can go beyond the specificity of the task, in the awareness that, directly or indirectly, we deal with people's health.

In this long journey, we have treated the issues of Health from every angle: patients, administration, institutions, research and contracts.


By way of example, we have dealt with:

  • regulatory and contractual law,
  • organization and compliance,
  • research, intellectual property and technology transfer,
  • governance and extraordinary transactions,
  • civil liability from malpractice and administrative liability
  • independent professionals, conventional and public work.
Health Wealth Pharma